1. Flower Girl


Her name was a flower
Bending for the light
And in our final hour
(Kiss me with) Your very cherry bomb smile

This summer time
This heart of mine
Reminds me of the day
When we were young and free
In my mind
I try to find
Some rhyme reason or way
You couldn’t die old with me

Her name was a flower
But she never got to bloom
She would die within the hour
Our young, they die so soon
Beyond all my power
I’m thinking of you
Do you think about me too
You stand among the flowers
Is this chance a life anew
As I fall down now before you

In my head
You’re far from dead
Here lying in my bed
As I forever hold onto you
Let go of me
Let go be free
Be all you’re meant to be
I’ve got to let you go so that you can bloom