Ladies and gentlemen. We are here live (live, live, live).. at home studio FM. (home studio FM.). And tonight.. Well, we have two very special guests for ya (very special indeed). Lil Deku. XCORPIIIO. And they're taking it way back (way back for ya baby).

(Lil Deku)
Come on lil baby, let's ride
Lil Deku on the mic
Let's turn off the lights
Yeah, lemme put my love inside

Yeah. So watchu wanna do?
I could treat you real good, real smooth
Lemme set the mood (turn out the lights)
Put your legs in the air like (like)
Lemme pull your hair right (right)
Lemme take you for a ride (mhm)
God damn that shit tight (haha)

Trini Stallion
All the biddies flock when they see my medallions
All white gold
But I'm not a racist
Always first place
You not even in the race bitch

Where my drink at?
Pour it up
Ain't sipping on that syrup,
Only rum in my cup

And that check,
I run em up
Tryina bring me down (geez)
Nigga good luck (good luck)

Only good vibes gonna last
I keep my exes with the bad vibes in the past (goodbye)
Fuck with me baby,
I got class (haha)

I heard you like moving fast
Back shots with my handprints on that ass
Real smooth
Real icey
When I'm done loving,
You say can I be your wifey?
(You just might be)

I know there's somethin real
Right here between us
You tell me how it feels
You waitin for my love
I know there's somethin right
You dancin in my mind
I'm movin in tonight

I know there's somethin real
Don't gotta beg for me
To tell you what I feel
Hold you tight
Love you right

So baby, here's the deal
I'll give you all I got
Just gotta let me know
If I hit the spot now

And if you want,
I'll be around to hold you down
I promise I will always stand beside you now

Just move in closer
Just move in closer

(Way back for ya baby)